Outdoor Walks

Julie Thomson 1st Castlegar Girl Guides

Name Walk

Walk in a line with your hands on the shoulders of the girl ahead of you. Each girl must find something that begins with the first letter of her name, and call it out.

Egg Carton Walk

Give each girl an egg carton to carry during the walk. In the bottom of each egg cup, have a description (i.e. hard, smooth, rough, etc.). The girls collect items along the way, then compare at the end. They can take their souveniers home as a reminder of their outdoor experiences.

Paint Chip Walk

Give each girl a paint chip to carry during the walk (samples from a paint store). They must find something that matches the colour of their chip.

Unusual Object Walk

Give each girl a bag to place an unusual object in during the walk. At the end, compare objects - anything that is the same as what someone else has is disqualified. The most unusual objects win!

Alphabet Walk

The girls can work in teams to find objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet during their walk. They write down the objects then compare at the end of the walk. The list with the the most letters filled wins!

Un-Nature Walk

Plant 15-20 man-made items along the trail (they could all be items relating to a theme). Have the girls work in pairs, leaving a few minutes between groups. The girls are not to disturb the items, just write down what they see.

Fuzzy Sock Walk

Put old socks over your shoes, inside out, before the walk. After the walk, remove the socks and discuss what you have carried with you. Talk about how seeds are transported, etc.

Scent Walk

Buy inexpensive sponges (all the same colour) and cut them into small squares. Soak equal numbers of squares in different scents (eg. 6 vanilla, 6 mint, 6 soy sauce, etc). Each patrol will have a specific scent. Have the older girls lay trails for each patrol - use trail signs with a scented square at each sign. This way, when the patrols follow their trail, they can smell the sponge to make sure that they are going the right way!

Have fun!

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