What to do with Spark Badges

Marian Beswick-Arthur Wembley Guide Co

1 Get an old white men's shirt. Cut off the cuffs and make casing, insert elastic and cut off collar. Tie dye or just dye plain pink, sew badges on the back of shirt and personalize with name on front. Use for paint shirt or for messy crafts. Have all Sparks autograph when Spark leaves unit.


2 The Rainbow camp blanket that grows with you. Take enough pink arctic fleece, long enough to fold in two, to reach to knees and wide enough to to go from arm to arm. On fold find center and cut neck. Stitch up sides and leave room for arm holes. Bind neck arm holes and bottom hem so they don't get worn. When girl moves to Brownies undo side seams and hem binding. Add about 1 foot of brown all the way around. Do the same for Guides, except use blue. Same for Pathfinders except green and so on. Stitch on all the badges that come your way. I stitched on the entire Badge sash for Brownies and Guides on My daughters. Saved removing the badges.

Fancy tricks: add zippers in side seams to open flat add kangaroo pocket to keep hands warm in or flash light. Bind edges of pocket so they don't wear out. Add a hood. Use Brownie or Guide tie. At back folded stitch on back about 3/4 of the tie. Tie loose end with reef knot, pop hood under to stop it flapping. Add polo neck with ribbing Velcro on the hood if you put polo on. Add small pocket to hold film container with Friendship ashes in and list in zip lock bag. Have sewing bee with mums before Christmas for surprise gift.

3 History Badge banner: Take one old roller blind large (I make all my charts /banners /song sheets ect out of ) Cut off roller and bottom where the stick goes through. Turn 1 1/2 inch all around stitch on sewing machine with zig zag stitch. Put in plastic grommets from Canadian tire $1.99. These work good you may have to cut sm. holes as they don't cut well going in. You can use acrylic craft paint and permanent markers to write on what you want

For Sparks banner put on your title and the year. Stitch on the badges using long stitch or zig zag write under the date it was earned and the girls who earned it.

Provincial Training Team
Quebec City, Canada

Every year the Guiders present each newly enroled Spark with a campfire "shoulder wrap" including their first crest (usually an Area one). These are cut from a non-ravelling grey wool blanket. The parent may decide to embelish the edges with some stitching. You can get about 6 cut from one blanket. The Guiders felt that a small Spark couldn't possibly carry all the weight of a heavy blanket, so this prompted them to come up with this idea instead. They really are quite cute, and later on the badges can be transferred to a full blanket or left as a momento of Sparks.