Taking Care of Mascots

This is the note included in one mascot's journal (Cookie Bear from Brownie Troop 2781) when he was traveling around the county.

"Cookie Care"

1. Unpack Cookie and let him breathe after his trip! There should be an envelope in the box just for you and your troop.

2. E-Mail his "Mom" at {put your own email address here} to let the troop know he got there ok! Please also e-mail/info the previous host.

3. Take Cookie with you to meetings, on trips, or let him visit the girls in the troop.

4. Please record Cookie's adventures in his journal. Feel free to include post cards, photos, and any other souvenirs.

5. Add a council patch on Cookie's vest if you can.

6. Please mail Cookie to the next destination so that he'll arrive the first week of the month so he can spend a full month with his next host troop. E-Mail "Mom" and the next host when Cookie is put back into the mail.

7. Please mail Cookie either insured or return receipt so that the package can be traced if it is lost!

8. Thanks for hosting Cookie!