Mascot Introduction Letter

This is a sample letter that could be placed with your mascot. It could either go in a folder, or it could be in a separate envelope addressed to each Troop that volunteers to host your mascot.

Howdy from {your mascot name and troop number}

First, I just want to tell you how happy I am to have my box opened and get some fresh air!!! Thanks!!! Now, as soon as you are able to, please email my troop at {your email address here} to let them know I arrived...they get so worried about me!!!

Please take me to your scout meetings. Take me on any trips you do, or even any trips that members of your troop will be doing on their own. I love badge and try-it work, and I especially love photos!!! Please let me take a souvenir of a patch, a picture, a swap, or anything else you may be able to spare. If your photos aren't developed by the time I am mailed to the next troop, you can just mail them to our troop at {insert your address here}

I brought a council patch and a couple of swaps for you. There aren't enough swaps for your whole troop, but we'd be happy to send you enough if you are interested!

Also, please write in my journal for me. I really want to be able to tell my troop about my adventures...and the journal is the best way to remember everything!

Please send me on at the end of the month. My schedule was set up so that I spend a full calendar month with each troop. I don't want to miss any fun with other troops! Please send me priority mail or UPS. Please DO NOT send me parcel post or 3rd class!!! I know this will cost about $5.00, but really, I'm worth it and I have a troop back home that want to see me again safe and sound!!!

Finally, check out my website to learn about me! It's at {insert your website here, if applicable}

Girl Scout/Guide Troop 123, Anytown