Bridging Poem

original by B-P
Girl Scout adaptation by
Joyce Betz
Troop 31
Irish Hills Girl Scout Council, Michigan USA

Build long bridges Brownies. Build strong bridges Guides. (/Scouts)
With arches of bright laughter, with beams and smiles besides(/about)
With chains of loving kindness, with girders of true aid,
Build these bridges, Girl Guides(/Scouts) and let them well be made!

For bridges are much needed in a world that's big and wide,(/throughout(replace and wide))
And there's no one like a Brownie and there's no one like a Guide/(Scout,)
To span the gulf of loneliness with a word or two of cheer,
And a handshake that says plainly, "You've got a sister standing there."

There's a bridge that leads to beauty and a bridge that leads to truth,
And it's a Girl Guide's(/Scout's) sacred duty to build them in her youth.
The world will be fairer, for those bridges 'neath the sun,
For Happiness will use them, reaching out to everyone.