Bridging Sparks to Brownies
(Adapted for GGC)

Vista, California

Mary, Jr. Troop 770, McKean, Pennsylvania: I asked for this a couple weeks ago and Sallie Zeil sent me a copy. I will paraphrase the ceremony here. The original came from Stacey in Vista, CA
  • Paint a large box (from a range top) like an oven. Call it the Little Brownie Bakery, with dials and a rainbow.
  • Cut a door on each side and a large hole in the back. On one door was a recipe for a Brownie. Some of the ingredients were a Spark, Brownie Promise, fun, new friends, songs, games. The recipe said to "spend a year slowly preparing your Spark by adding the above ingredients and when the time is right, check for a desire to learn new things, sprinkle with magic (glitter or I might use confetti) add one last hug and pop in the oven".
  • Before each girl stepped into the oven, she said her Promise, was sprinkled with glitter and got a hug. Inside she put on her sash and when the timer went off she stepped out the other side as a Brownie. Leaders could also wear aprons and oven mitts.

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