Famous Women in 
Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting

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Ann Curless (pop singer)
Barbara Walters (TV)
Camilla Scott (Canadian Actress)
Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia in Star Wars)
Celine Dion (singer)
Cheryl Tiegs (Model)
Debbie Reynolds (Actress)
Dinah Shore (Actress)
Dini Petty, Canadian Talk Show Host
Erma Bombeck (columnist)
Former Governor General Jean Sauve
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Jan Davis (Astronaut)
Karen Kain - prima ballerina
Kathleen Turner (actress)
Lynn Johnston, creator of "For Better or For Worse"
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MANY NASA astronauts
Mariah Carey
Park Overall (Actress)
Princess Margaret
Queen Elizabeth II
Roberta Bondar (Canadian Astronaut)
Susan Lucci (Actress)
Tamlyn Tomita (actress)
Tatyana Ali (actress/singer)
Venus Williams (tennis pro)
Wilma DeGroot (young Army doctor on plane that crashed on its way to Alert a few years ago)
    (* If anyone has more information on this, please email me)
Wynona Judd
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Famous Girl Guides & Girl Scouts

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Story Canisters | Introduce Yourself as a Famous Woman | Who Am I? Guessing Game  | Famous Canadian Women Party

To learn about famous Canadian women, we are making Story Canisters (from
Canadian Guider) to illustrate four or five important things about a famous
Canadian woman.  You make tiny pictures (maps, pictures of person, pictures
of things famous for, etc.) and put them in a film container.  Then you use
the pictures to tell someone else about the woman.  A work in progress; will
find out next meeting how well it worked!

Amber Godfrey
2nd Derby Reach Guides
P.R. Advisor, Derby Reach District
Langley, BC, Canada
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Any other ideas on things for a Famous Canadian Women camp?
We'll be teaching "can a woman". Each girl will also come prepared to
introduce herself as a Famous Canadian female.

Thanks for the ideas!

Bev Walkling
32nd Sarnia Guides
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How about a "Who Am I" guessing game?  Last year our girls really enjoyed this.  We made up
name tags of famous Canadian women, pinned one to the back of each girl and leader.  They then
had to ask questions that could only be answered with "yes" or "no" to figure out who they were.
Most of the girls were able to figure out who they were and a few hints helped the rest.  Another
year, we put the names on cards and an equal amount of cards with something about that woman.
The girls had to match themselves to the right clue.

Then we usually sit in a circle and discuss each woman.  It is amazing how much these girls know.

Hope this helps.

Lynn Sedge
2nd Cruckshank/Todd Sparks
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Or a trivia game works too.

We just had a wonderful evening based on Famous Canadian Woman.

We organized a Come as a Famous Canadian Woman party..( we didn't have a
Halloween party )The girls did some research last Monday.  Margaret Jones
and I brought in books from the library and so did some of the girls.  Some
already knew who they wanted to be. We then planned a party...group program activity My Horizons.

Then last night the girls came to a party with whatever food they planned
to bring, dressed in their costumes and with their facts.
We sat in a circle and one by one the girls presented what they had learnt
about their Woman...we only had one in triple and no doubles.  Only 1 had
picked an American, the rest were Canadian.  Then we tried to guess who
they were.  Either easy or impossible.  But lots of fun. I have written
down the facts and want to put together a Guess who game....may have time
later in the week.  I think the girls will remember more this way.
I was exhausted after a weekend at a  commish training, which was loads of
fun, and not feeling well so I really didn't have the energy to go to this
meeting but These girls sure made it worth while.

Margaret had come up with  a great idea to teach the girls Canadian
symbols....  She showed them some symbols and explained what symbols were.
Then she had the girls split into groups of two or three.  they had to go
off and come up with a Canadian symbol.  They then ran to tell her so that
it was accurate and not duplicated.  Then they had two minutes to come up
with a way to make the other girls guess what their symbol was....beaver
was one....1 girl was a tree the other the beaver cutting down the tree and
then dragging it off stage....
others were Canada goose, maple leaf...
Again a lot of fun!

What an evening!

Michele Buchanan
Pointe Claire, Que
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Compiled by Barb Wright Please, EMAIL ME  any additions!
1st Sangster Brownies, Victoria, BC

june, 2000

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