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I had posted just before I left for our provincial annual we were going to have a poster up for ideas on training, recruiting, and retaining. As you entered the room if you wrote down an idea you got your name in a draw!  Good incentive! I was asked to post to the list so here they are.

Some of the ideas that came up have actually been done, but we can and will do them again!  Ideas were:
~ Outdoor Day to include compass, hiking, gadgets, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
(in the looking WONDERFUL)

~ Weekend backpacking hike - learn compass, tracking, trees, birds plant....use natural resource people

~ Tapping for Maple Syrup (during our Guider weekend we had a natural resource person come out and do activities.  We had invited him to stay for lunch but declined as he was going to tap for maple...everyone wanted to go with let's do it then!!!)

~ water/pool lifesaving skills

~ Cycling - teaching how to pack etc. and then go on a cycle tour for the weekend or longer

~ Flags and knots (offered every year)

~ Preparation for council (is it for me)?

~ first aid (offered every year)

~ program sharing sessions (offered every year)

~ Stress management

~ Traveling internationally (independent trips)

~ applying for international and interprovincial trips - girls and adults

~ rock formation and petrified wood

~ have someone come in from a green house and talk about plants/ how to plant your flower garden

~ someone to come and talk about ADD and kids - ADHD


~ hand out a flyer with each cookie box - door to door advertising

~ bring a buddy meeting for girls (many do this)

~ bring a buddy activity for Guiders ( lots of ideas floating around for that one now)!

~ Radio blitz (hopefully free PSAs) on the values - dynamic, outdoors, exciting adventures, trips, the "cool" stuff

~  Feature a guider and how she fits Guiding in to her busy schedule in on our small papers that is starting in town

~ Get everyone to attend a Brownie area camp as staff - it is sooo much fun they will want to do it again!

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