How to Recruit

Barb Wright
Victoria BC

Here's a great piece of advice I got years ago from our Area Commish for recruiting  volunteers:

 - have a specific job or task in mind
 - have a specific person in mind
 - choose a quiet time to speak to her in person
 - look her right in the eye and say:  "I need someone to do X and I think  you'd be great because of YY and ZZ.  To help you I will do/give etc AAA.  Can you help?"

 "Elizabeth, I need someone who will work with this Sparks group next year
 each week.  I thought of you because you are patient and will be a great
 complement to the other leader's enthusiasm.  I'll make sure you get good
 training and information at the start of the year, and our District Guider
 will be available to help you out.  Can you do it?"

Being so aware of the specific person is flattering and shows you want THEM,
not just a warm body.  Telling them exactly what is expected of them gives  them information to base their decision on.

If I were an Area Commissioner (heaven forbid), I would write this up in
calligraphy font, surround it with gold and give ti every recruiter in my
Area. Along with the appropriate forms.                        Dorothy Crocker

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