Increasing Leaders in Districts

Carla Paddock
Brown Owl
Assiniboine Area PR Adviser
Brandon, Manitoba
ICQ # 47417633

We are going to be trying some major Guider recruiting this year.  Many of our leaders are staying in place for next year and our units are all full.  Here is what we are doing....might give someone an idea!

Brandon is not an overly huge city, but big enough.  I have asked for at least 12 Guiders to help me for one day - I will do the follow up!  I am making a letter (lots of excellent examples from the list - thank you) and we are asking they be distributed at places where  here are many female employees.  Some ideas were places such as MTS, eye doctor, clinic, accounting places and banks, maple leaf plant.....etc. etc. etc.  Or if the business has a newsletter maybe they would put something in there?!?  I know the mall sends one out to each store every month!

While looking through the yellow pages I wrote down every church and school (we have always hit them with a bulletin for the newsletter, pamphlets and coloring pages.  We are taking either posters, pamphlets or letters to all the hair stylists in the city, dentist offices,
university and college.  We were able to get some past issues of the Canadian Guider and Manitoba's Buffalo that we will leave in waiting rooms, or drop a few off at the university. We thought we would send an invitation to education students to attend our trainings - great experience for them and maybe a possible leader for us!

I have seen posters in many other places such as the donut shops, Pizza Place, day cares, printers (we get all our area newsletters done at once place - I am sure he'd hang one up for us)!  Convenience stores, Safeway, IGA, Superstore all get posters!

My district has just bought two of the reflective road signs available from National.  A construction company volunteered  to hang one on their fence, right beside the bus bench.  The other one is hopefully going up on a pole at a gas station, just as you come into town!

We have booked a weekend in the community booth at the mall for a display...went over great last year.  To get your pick of weekends you have to book 6 months in advance - we got the weekend right before registration!  The mall is supplying us with a t.v. and vcr so we can play different videos through out the weekend.
We had Guide tattoos to hand out that kids just LOVED.  One lady who stopped to talk  thought that she would be interested in being a leader  - in GERMANY!!!

Our mall is also working on some major renovations and a huge expansion.  We are hoping to get involved somehow and be visible during the grand opening.  They also have the morning moms club.

Around September of each year one week is featured as recreation - what can you have your children involved in and what can you be involved in.  I thought we should be looking at setting up a display for that!  What better than a group of moms looking for something for them and their kids to do!!!

We just had new PR pens made and they are very well liked.  On the cap they say "Expect the best".  We figured that was appropriate for Guiding.  The pen itself is a light color with Girl Guides of Canada printed all over it in bright, bold colors and then has Assiniboine Area   for more info call  and our number.  I was in the bank the other day and there was no pen hooked to the chain - what a perfect spot to leave one!!!

Just before registration myself and our membership adviser wrote a article and sent it to every paper in the area - 25 of them!  Many of them printed for us!!

We have used the bookmarks in librarys at most of the schools and at the public library.  They are moving locations and will probably have a grand opening as well!

We have a area meeting for all District Commissioners, District Membership and anyone else who is interested to discuss what will happen in each district in preparation for registration -  who needs what and help from area Membership and PR.  Our area also gives each district
$125.00 a year for membership purposes!  (7 districts)

This year we got a Youth Softball league registration pamphlet in our ad bags that are delivered once a week.  In the pamplet there was a registration form that could be mailed in.  Some Guiders in Brandon would like to look at doing something like that this year.

Last year and again this year we have been lucky enough to receive a grant from the province to hire a field worker who works very hard! Last year she was able to start Sparks, Brownies, and Guides in a town that has not had Guiding for years.  Membership went up 42 in that area.

When we hire this year we will have her targeting two different districts.  She makes the main contact with people, does displays, presentations - whatever is asked of her.  She also is responsible to follow up on everything and submit a report to area and province.  She has to work hand in hand with the PR and Membership.   It really paid off last year.  I have a job description if anyone is really interested in what we ask.  It is only 6 weeks, but is a great summer job - maybe I should apply!

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