"Could this be you?"

Could you spare a little time to help some younger folk?
They're keen to learn, love games and fun, and also like a joke.
Many Brownies, Sparks and Guides are feeling rather sad:
Their leader's leaving, or she's gone (although they're not that bad!)

If no-one else comes forward, their units will close down,
No weekly meetings to enjoy, nor outings up to town.
They'll miss the games they love to play, and all the things they learn,
And as for younger sisters — they’ll never get a turn.

No special skills are needed — just time, and patience too.
There's a really friendly District team to show you what to do.
"But where have all the Guiders gone?" I'm sure you want to know.
"Those maiden aunts and dear old folk, who did it years ago?"

Those people aren't around these days, it's down to me and you,
to give our time, make lots of friends, and help the youngsters too.
It's all too easy just to sit, and hope for some one new,
But Guides and Brownies now are run by people just like you!


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