Recruiting in Workplaces

Carla Paddock
Brown Owl
Assiniboine Area PR Adviser
Brandon, Manitoba
ICQ # 47417633

Do you have a Membership Adviser for your district, division, or area? If so, they may have some great ideas for you

I have completely changed my focus on getting leaders.  Parents are very hard to "pull in"  Instead what we are going to try this summer is: (still ask your parents though)

Writing letters to places with a lot of female employees....offer to do a display or presentation to them.  Some companies offer a bonus to a employee who commits to x number of volunteer hours.

Put notices in company newsletters if they will allow it...

Go to open house at the university and the college.  There are bursaries out there that they can get once they complete x number of volunteer hours....great incentive for them to help out...

Many education students are looking for something dealing with kids to put on their resume.  We are going to invite some university students (just education to start) to our trainings this year.  Not only will they take away great ideas, but bring a lot too!  Once they get there if they have fun they may join.....get them involved in the sisterhood of Guiding....

We were selling cookies in Wal-mart and had a lady walk up and say "I've always wanted to be a leader"....just being out there and visible helped.  If there is one out there with that  pinion there has got to be more...we just have to find them

Invite Guiders who have left back and encourage your Senior Branch members to continue

Remember that everyone can be very valuable to Guiding, even if they can only give one hour a month...plan that one special event for you, come on your camping trips only...offers to  repare a craft for never know - they may decide to join someday!

Develop a team to help one can do this alone.

Have each Guider bring a friend to a fun activity...just like the girls bring a buddy night!

We just had a meeting with all our district membership and we noticed, coincidence or not, that our two districts with no membership rep are the two that are suffering the most.

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