Camp Nut Hat Badge

1st Colwood Sparks, Membership Coordinator
Southern Vancouver Island Area
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


  • fun foam, different colors
  • peanuts in shell
  • googly eyes, 5 or 6 mm, glue on type (not sew on)
  • wool, 1" lengths
  • glue gun (tacky glue takes too long to dry)
  • permanent fine-tip felt markers
  • small safety pins


    1. Cut fun foam into 3-1/2 inch squares. Fold in half to form rectangle. Glue along one narrow end and ¾ way up open long side (makes sleeping bag).

    2. From remaining fun foam, cut tiny rectangles (pillows, don't you love it?!)

    3. Fold top corner down and cut off (forms triangle). Glue a contrasting triangle across "top" of sleeping bag (looks like sleeping bag with top folded down). Glue tiny rectangle inside at top (pillow).

    4. Print ‘I’m a camp nut’ and year of camp on sleeping bag.

    5. Glue googly eyes to top half of peanut (or draw on features with markers). Glue wool to top of peanut as hair. Put glue on bottom half of peanut. Tuck peanut into "sleeping bag" with head on pillow and face showing. Press around to glue in place. Pin to camp

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