Ceremony Planning Worksheet

Ellen Tjarks
Girl Scouts of DuPage County Council
Naperville, Illinois

I've used it with Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes. Give each girl her own copy. The worksheet has the following:

  • Name of Ceremony
  • Purpose or Theme
  • Date of Ceremony
  • Time
  • Place of Ceremony
  • Length
  • Who will attend?
  • How will the ceremony begin?
  • What songs, poems, quotations will be included?
  • What activities will be included in the main part of the ceremony? Will people speak? Will badges or other awards be given?
  • How will the ceremony end?
  • Who will do each part?
  • Who will record the ceremony for your troop's archives or records?
  • What decorations or props are needed?
  • Who will bring the items?
  • Item(s) Who will bring them?
  • What refreshments will be served?
  • Who will bring them?
  • What will refreshments cost?
  • Who will pay for them?
  • When will a rehearsal be scheduled for the ceremony?

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