Citizenship Trivia

Contributed and Written by: Wendy Baker, maker of games, among other things
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada


1. Who stands formally at the head of the country as the Queen's representative?
A: The Governor General

2. What 2 animals are on Canada's Coat of Arms?
A: Lion and Unicorn

3. What language must you have adequate knowledge of to apply for Canadian citizenship?
A: English or French

4. How many Maple leaves are on both Canada's and Ontario's Coar of Arms?
A: 3

5. Who signs all bills before they become laws?
A: Governor General

6. What are the 3 levels of government?
A: Municipal, Provincial, Federal

7. What dddoes Canada's Motto "A mari usque ad mare" mean?
A: From Sea to Sea

8. How many times is a bill read by the House of Commona & the Senate?
A: 3

9. What is the name of the red cross on the Ontario Coat of Arms?
A: St. George

10. What does W.A..G.G.G.S stand for?
A: World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

11. Where are Cabinet Ministers found?
A: In the House of Commons

12. What do you have to do at the Citizenship Court?
A: Take the oath or affirmation of Citizenship

13. Who is Ontario's Premier? (use your own Province)
A: Mike Harris

14. Who is Canada's Prime Minister?
A: Jean Chretien

15. How old must you be to apply for Canadian citizenship?
A: at least 18

16. What 2 animals are on the Ontario Coat of Arms?
A: Moose and Bear

17. What are the responsibilies of a good citizen?
A: Vote, respect others, take interest in community, Province and Country

18. Who do you have to see to become a Canadian citizen?
A: A citizenship Judge

19. Who is your local Mayor (Reeve)
A: (varies)

20. How may years does a Mayor serve?
A: 3

21. Who represents Canada in other countries?
A: The Prime Minister

22. Who reviews each bill passed by the House of Commons?
A: The senate

How to play:

Make up index cards in two different colours with the answers written on them. Divide girls into two teams, lined up at one end of the room.
Have them place the answer cards on the floor face up. You stand at the other end of the room. Read the question and they have to run up to you with the correct answer.
I like to play it with my Pathfinders where I have some dummy answers.......
Of course you must go over the material before you can play this game.....but they never seem to tire of playing with this format...