White Cobra Game

The Treasure of the White Cobra

Group in a circle. One player (the White Cobra) sits blindfolded in the middle guarding the treasure of the Gold Lairs (some object which is lying between her outstretched legs). Leader points to one of the players who creeps up to the White Cobra and tries to rob her of the treasure. When the Cobra hears a sound she points with her forked tongue (index and middle fingers stetched out) in the direction of the noise. If she is right then this player must go back and another has a turn. If a player succeeds in stealing the treasure then she becomes the White Cobra.

Variation--Sleeping Pirate

Blindfolded player becomes the sleeping pirate and sits on a chair in the middle of the room, with "treasure" (blocks of wood) which she is defending, at her feet. Players line up at one end of room. On signal "Go," players stalk in an attempt to pick up treasure without being caught. Sleeping pirate catches players who have made noise by pointing at them. A player pointed to must retire and start from beginning. Two trys for each player. Only one block can be captured at a time.

Ten points are given for each block or box successfully captured.

Variation; Use two pirates seated back to back, and more blocks if group is large.

Variation -- Steal the Puppy's Bone

This is played in much the same manner as the White Cobra, except that the puppy barks in the direction of a thief.

Another variation -- Night Lights

This variation is done in the dark with flashlights and the thief must be lit by a flashlight if she is heard.