Communication Game

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario

Equipment: An envelope per team of two children
Category: Indoor, quiet
Ages: Brownies on up
Numbers: An even number of kids, because you need to divide them up in two's.

When you are preparing the equipment, cut two of each shape in each size of each colour. i.e., two large yellow circles, two small green triangles, 2 medium blue squares. One of each shape goes in each envelope, so that the two team members could make an identical picture.

The children sit down on the floor, back to each other, with their envelopes in front of them. One girl is the designer, and she opens her envelope and makes a design or picture with her shapes. Then she describes her picture to the person who is back to her, so that she can make an identical picture. No one is allowed to look at their partner's pictures!!

After the two are done, using only their voices to pass the information back and forth they may compare their pictures. Allow about 10 minutes for this game.

Don't make too many shapes, or too many small pieces as you will want to use this game again (it is too much work to set up to only use once!) Ask the children to be careful when they put it back in the envelopes because you don't want to find one green triangle on the floor after you have all the envelopes put back in their box!

This is quite fun. You may want to allow them to switch designer and copier and try it again.

Let me know whether you like it. I think I must have learned this at a training in Germany as well.