Orienteering Game

Circle T GSC - Ft Worth, TX

An outdoor activity that a friend's junior troop did last spring was an orienteering course (map & compas). She had 12 girls divided into 6 pairs. They had 12 points to find. Points can be trees, tents, a table, ie anything that doesn't move! Each pair started at a different point with written directions to find their next point. At that point they took their card (different color for each pair) of directions to their next point. The final point for all was where the leaders were. There was an adult assigned to start each pair and timed her pair from start till they arrived at the end point with all their cards.

This does take some work for the person in charge to lay everything out, prepare map and cards, and above all to make sure that no two pairs could be heading from one point to the same other point at the same time. We actually went out the week before and decided on the 12 points, took compass bearings, and sketched out the basic map. She then refined the map at home and worked out the routes and cards for each pair.

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