Crystal Palace Rally Wide Game

Linda Pullen
1st Thornburn Guides
Nova Scotia, Canada

Intro: It is 1909. You are a group of girls who have read 'Scouting for Boys" and decided to become Scouts.You want to go to the Boy Scouts Rally at the Crystal Palace where Patrols will be inspected by Lord Baden-Powell.You must first earn their train ticket by performing a Patrol chant or song. Then they receive a ticket with a map of the area showing 5 destinations, named after underground stations in London, plus one area marked off as Crystal Palace. Each Patrol then starts off at a different destination and works through them all.

1.Paddington Station:(In the book this was building a rope bridge but our site or the girls skills didn't really go with this.) My substitution- the Scouts know a short cut- follow their trail of woodcraft signs and find their secret message.

2.Waterloo Station: Some of your equipment has fallen into a quicksand swamp. Without stepping in the quicksand you must get it out within 5 mins. or it will sink without a trace.

3.Kings Cross:You need to summon the ferry to cross the estuary- make a loud bang. Burst the balloon up in the tree- all Patrol members must stay on the ground.

4.Liverpool Street:It is growing dark and you will need to improvise a shelter for the night.

5.Earls Court Station: Here they receive an envelope which may only be opened if the other challenges have been completed. This message says " You are quite near Crystal Palace but the Young Womens Modesty League is protesting outside, and you must try to enter the building without being spotted by them."

The Young Womens modesty league was enthusiastically played by some of the mother helpers. We don't play these games competitively, but rather as a learning experience and use them to teach skills and team building. The girls really enjoy them.