Daisy Uniforms and Daisy Bridging Insignia

Aggie Donch
Co-Leader, Senior Troop 204
New Milford, Connecticut
Northwestern CT Council

In the US, Daisies wear a bright blue tunic (really a tabard with lower front pockets) with "Daisy Girl Scouts" written on the pocket and their Promise pin (a gold trefoil with the outline of a daisy) over their hearts.

When a Daisy bridges to Brownies, she may wear Bridge to Brownies on her Brownie sash or vest - a little rainbow arched over a brown and Daisy-blue stripe - and she gets a service star with a dark-blue background for each year spent as a Daisy (ages for Daisies are 5-6, kindergarten-1st grade, although mostly you see kindergarteners Daisies and 1st graders Brownies).