Disability Awareness Activities

Contributed by: Lucy Roberts
Guide Guider

"Disable" the girls & have them try simple tasks to gain an idea of what problems a disabled person might face:

Learn the manual alphabet.

Gag somebody (perhaps the leader!) using a scarf etc. (make sure they can still breathe easily!) so they have to go through the meeting mute!

When we have tried something like this - we usually have girls go outside with their "disability" & put up a tent (working in groups) also prepare a fruit salad - even "blind" girls can do this with help! Trying to find a game that everyone can play is fun too!

We also have a division set of "disability" equipment - items like a Braille watch, a button hooker, adapted cutlery etc. We hand the items to the girls at the start of the session & ask them to guess what the items are for - with some hilarious results!!!