Don't Bug Me Ladybug




  1. Place the half ball flat side down. Measure up 3/4" from flat edge and mark line to indicate head. Start red stems for body from this line.
  2. To cover body with red stems, bend one end of stem about 3/8" from end, push bent end into ball, curve stem over ball, and cut off stem at other bottom edge, leaving 3/8" to 1/2" to bend and push in at this edge. As you add stems, add beads to stems, spacing them randomly on back. Then bend end of stem and push into bottom edge of foam. (Add glue to ends before pushing into ball if desired.) Work as close to edge of foam as possible, but work at least 1/8" from edge to prevent foam from breaking.
  3. For head, use black stems. Start at top edge, bend stem 3/8" and push in at one side of head. Curve stem across to the side and leave 3/8" to push into foam. Glue on eyes. Add 2 or 3 more pieces of black stem to fill in head.
  4. For antennae, cut 2 pieces of black stem each about 1 1/2" long. Push into head above eyes. Glue black beads to ends of antennae.
  5. Cover bottom with felt.
  6. Glue on a magnet if using as a refrigerator magnet or glue a craft stick to back and stick it in a flower pot or arrangement. The Ladybug can also be glued to wreaths or baskets or just let it sit on a desk.