Drivers Relay Game

Jean Rowsell
Marystown, Newfoundland

Divide girls into teams. Use a plastic/paper plate drawn to look like a steering wheel. Write on name of car - Porsche, Cadillac, Chev., whatever.

Each girl needs to know what number in the team she is as each number does a different action.

#1 Nervous Driver Three steps forward, 1 step back
#2 Broken steering wheel zig-zags
#3 Dead Battery gets pushed by #4
#4 Dead Battery pushes #3
#5 Flat tire runs dragging one leg
#6 Reverse runs backwards
#7 Teenage driver runs up and back as fast as possible


This is a normal relay type game. Girls run one at a time handing over the steering wheel to the next girl in line. You can add or delete "actions" depending on the number of girls in your group.