End of Year Ceremony (US Girl Scout)

Paula Barnett
Junior Troop Leader
Ocoee, Florida

G is for the color Green that Juniors wear with pride
I is for the great Ideas that grow from deep inside
R is for Respect we have for all of God's creations
L is for our Loyalty and Love for our nation

S is for the Sisterhood that reaches 'round the world
C is for the Changes that bring us to women from girls
O is is for the Oath we made that Scouts call Promise and Law
U means that it's Us who will give service for a cause
T is for the Teamwork that makes 15 act as one
I is for Integrity and pride in what we've done
N is for the Number of our troop - 9-0-2
G is for the Girl Scout way we do the things we do

Together this is Girl Scouting
It was a great year to remember
And to recall with fond remembrance
What we've done since last September.

We wear our pins and badges
To represent the work we've done
We wear our vests and sashes
To show that we are one

Although it seems we've just begun
Fall will soon be here
And so we'll add another star
And start another year.

If anybody wants to adopt this, you'll have to rewrite the part that contains our troop number. Unless, of course, your troop ends with a "2" also!

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