Family / Parent Promise

Submitted by Kim
Michigan Girl Scout Council


On My Honor, I Will:
Share my daughter's new interests
Show appreciation to the promise and law
Give her opportunities to practice her skills at home
Attend the troop events to which I am invited
Support Girl Scouting by working for and contributing to activities and funds that make Girl Scouting possible in our community

As a parent I will :

Support my child's leader and appreciate the time they volunteer for my daughter and other girls in the troop.
See that my daughter arrives and is picked up on time for all meetings, outings, etc.
See that dues and other related fees are paid on time.
Read through all forms given to me. Sign those needing a signature and return them promptly.
Keep in contact with the leader. Give her feedback.
Let my daughter know that I consider her participation in Girl Scouting to be important and special.
Attend parent meetings and group activities.