Film Canister Stamps

Joanne Conway
Brown Owl, 1st Lakeside Heights Brownies
Pointe Claire, Quebec

I devised a craft using film canisters as the base/handle for making stamps.

The actual printing (stamp) surface is cut from fun foam and is glued to the sanded lid of a black and gray film canister.

  1. Using a black film canister, trace around lid with a ballpoint pen on a small piece of fun foam.
  2. Draw a design within the confines of the circle.
  3. Cut out the design using scissors.
  4. Sand the lid of the film canister to prepare it for gluing, then glue the design to the lid with white glue.
  5. Remind the girls that the design will print "backwards' and they should glue the drawn side to the canister if they want it to print the way it was drawn.
  6. When dry, get out the stamp pads and stamp away!


I came up with this idea for a camp training week-end, and it was a big hit with Guiders and Rangers alike (one girl made 14 stamps!) Everyone was so enthusiastic that they insisted that I send my idea off to the Guider and I actually won the Grand Idea for the Sept/Oct '95 issue! Yup, yup - my local claim to fame!