The Five Pennies

Anne Saywell

Another game my Brownies like I call The Five Pennies.

Get the girls to sit on the floor in 2 parallel lines with a reasonable space between each line. Number them 1 - ? along one line and then the same starting at the other end with the second line.

(If you ask them to choose a partner first and then sit them diagonally opposite their partners i.e. the two number 1s being partners, etc, it is easier to make sure that they are equally matched.)

In the middle of the space between them, put 5 coins on a chair and an empty chair at each end of the space. As you call out a particular number both those girls dash up, pick up one penny and place it on the chair at the end. You will already have told them which chair belongs to each side! They do the same for the second penny while the first girl to pick up the third penny and get it to her chair gains a point for her side.