Friendship Twists

C. McLane


  • 2 pieces of chunky wool cut in 12" pieces


Get a partner - "a friend"

    1. Take the two pieces, put them together, and each person holds an end
    2. While holding tight, the person making the friend, twists the wool as tight as possible - This signifies how tight and strong you want the friendship to be.
    3. The person making the friend, rubs the string - to smooth out any differences you may have with the other person - and stop your finger in the middle of the length.
    4. The new friend, folds her end, with the other person still holding the middle, and gives her the other end to signify giving her friendship also.
    5. The person making the friend ties a knot at her end signifying the sealing of the friendship, that cannot be brokem.
    6. The person making the friend then takes the wool and shakes, it signifying shaking all the parts of the friendship that might cause problems and arguments.
    7. What you have left is a Friendship Twist, which you give to your new friend.

My mother, who was the 2nd youngest of 13 children, she is now 72 said that this was the way that her mother use to make the strings for her mittens when she was little.

You can make these longer to go around camp hat band to identify patrols.

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