Friendship Bracelet Recruitment Party

Connie, Lisa, Tom & Grant
Oceanside, California

Wanted to share this recruiting idea with everyone! "Friendship Bracelet After School Recruiting Party"...

...Within the first few weeks of the new school year, setup times at each of the schools for a one hour mini workshop.

Next, two meetings before the workshops ("After School Parties") talk to your girls about the event. Get a commitment from each girl to invite / bring a friend(s) (not yet involved in scouting) to the "Friendship Party". Make up a simple flyer to give them to help them share it with the friend and their parent.

At the next meeting (the meeting one week before Party) get a RSVP of who has committed to participate (optional: Have girls take down name and phone of RSVP. That way leaders can call right before and confirm.)

*There are many options in which type of Friend Bracelet you make at the event. The most important thing to remember is, that you want to make an impact on both the Girls you are recruiting and more importantly their parents. (I suggest making beaded jewelry, using silver & semi precious stones)

During the Party leverage your Girl Scouts, by getting them to talk about how much fun it is to be involved. Give them a short sales pitch before they leave and your sign-up information to take home with them. Also at the end of the meeting you might want to ask "With a show of hands, who would like to join Girl Scouts"...Those who raise their hands get their name, number, parent, etc., so that you can follow-up with them.

Although we have not had any of the people we work with do a "Friendship Bracelet Party" as of yet….We have a number of Service Units, this coming year, that we are helping implement this idea.

Hope this is helpful!

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