Friendship Stick

Jo-Anne Griffiths
Levin, New Zealand

Take an iceblock stick- draw on the top end a smiley face and at the bottom six bands- one green, then a space then red, yellow, black and white all together, then a space then green at the bottom. In the middle draw a brown cross.

This little stick means friendship of a special kind. It is a symbol of belonging o a living group. It can be hung on your camp hat or around your neck.

The symbolism serves as a persona communication to overcome barriers of language, race and culture.

Green at the bottom is for faith in God and one another. It is the basis of a happy and meaningful life.

The next four bands represent the races of the world; red, yellow, black and white. They stand close together indicating all people are equal.

The green band above the four races stands for the hope for the future and the brown cross shows how four races can come together and work for peace.

The smiling face is the result of friendship based on faith and unity. one eye is brown and the other is blue to represent all races and the red mouth in a smile means joy.

May the smile never be false. A smile is a trademark of a friend. To be greeted by the smiling face of a friend is one of the greatest joys we can experience. The face is crowned by Girl Guide blue indicating loyalty to Guides.

Jacqui Hoitz
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

I have also made these sticks out of plastic canvas & coloured wool. ( they are a little gentler on the head than wooden ones when attached to your hat!) You can write out the legend in about a size 5 font, put you address on the back, Mactac it & attach to the stick. They make good swaps at International events.

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