Brownie Advancement Ceremony

Marilyn Robinson
1st Petawawa Brownies
Da Hon Neh Area, Petawawa District, Opeongo Division, Ontario

written by: Janet Gauley, 1st Corbyville Brownies.
Published in Da Hon Neh Link April 1996

An exciting Advancement ceremony with a theme that started at the Enrolment the previous fall. Take time to make the props and rehearse.

We continue our story about the Land of Brown and all who lived there - Queen Brown Owl, all the happy people or "Brownies" as they prefer to be called, and the Grand Wizard, the wonderful, silly wizard who regretfully turned the Queen’s beloved little new girls into frogs.

As we continue our story I believe it was several months after the frogs were magically transformed back into girls. You do remember that day, don’t you - the glorious ceremony with Queen Brown Owl and all of the kingdom gathered at the glade and all of her little new girls became Brownies?

Well, one day while all the kingdom was cleaning the castle from dungeon to tower, a messenger came galloping up to the castle door.

Messenger: "Queen Brown Owl, Queen Brown Owl, come quickly!"

All the ladies in waiting gather around the messenger.

Kingdom: "What is it - what is wrong?"

Queen Brown Owl arrives at the castle door and asks the messenger: "What is it - what is wrong?"

The messenger quickly gathered her wits about her and told the Queen that while touring the countryside she happened to hear pitiful crying and whimpering noises coming from the cave at the glade. When she went to see who or what was making noises, several tiny blue creatures, what, she did not know, scurried into the cave. All she could see were their spiky blue tails. What could they be?

Queen Brown Owl gathered everyone around her and they traveled to the cave at the glade to see for themselves. As they got close to the glade they could hear whimpering and crying and they all wondered what it could be (blue dragon Guides in the cave make noises).

The Wizard asked the Queen: "May I take the lead, your Majesty? That way I will be close enough to cast a disappearing spell should there be a monster or such in the cave."

Queen Brown Owl, fearing that it might be her or her entourage who disappeared said: "Oh no, remember what happened last time. I’ll take my chances."

Upon their arrival, all grew quiet and still and the glade was peaceful once again. Well except for those little blue tails sticking out of the cave. The jesters grabbed those tails and pulled and pulled and pulled. The little voice squeaked out loud: "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

The tails disappeared and little heads poked out of the cave instead. The Queen quickly introduced herself. Royalty is polite you know. "I am Queen Brown Owl."


"We are dragons from the sky so blue
We got lost, lost from the group.
How, oh how will we ever get back.
If we sing a song, a song from Blue,
They’ll come back to get us too."

Queen Brown Owl: "Well - sing your song."

Guides: "We need to sing strong and very loud - we think we need help from this very large crowd."

Queen Brown Owl: "OK everyone, let’s help them out and sing along."

All sing to the tune of "Singing in the Rain":

"We’re dragons and we’re blue and this is what we do
We fly around all day, we don’t get in the way,
We fly from here to there, so high up in the air,
We’re dragons - from the sky so blue".

With a whirl of wings, a blue dragon arrives at the glade. She embraces her baby dragons and turns to Queen Brown Owl.

Guide Leader: "Thank you, Queen Brown Owl, for saving these children of Blue. How can I ever repay you. Our company is becoming exceedingly small and we would be honoured to take some of your Brownies to teach them the ways of ‘Guides’."

Queen Brown Owl asks for volunteers: "Who would like to go up to the Land of Blue and learn the way of Guides?"

All the girls raise their hands. Queen Brown Owl chooses 2nd year girls and calls them by name...................

Turning to the 1st year girls she says: "Although you have worked very hard and have completed a lot of your Brownie work, I cannot let you go to the Land of Blue yet. I need you to stay awhile longer and help me with the younger Brownies next year".

"But we shall declare a special ceremony for our Brownies who are leaving us. Grand Wizard, transport the Special Commissioner to the glade at once!"

Grand Wizard:

"Abracadabra, pain in my sides,
We need the Special Commissioner to turn Brownies into Guides.
Appear at the glade, appear here at once,
There is much to do and I don’t want to be a dunce!"

Special Commissioner arrives and with the Queen she fastens on the Fun and Adventure pins and hands the girls their certificates. She congratulates them for their hard work and dedication to Brownies. They go over to the Guide Leader.

As the girls don their pins and fly off to the Land of Blue, everyone from the Land of Brown looks on in awe with hopes of going there next year.

Note: Don’t be put off the apparent amount of words to learn. All except the actual Brownie enrolment and the Guide songs can be part of the narration or read. Nobody in the audience really minds if leaders have these pages in their hands to remind them

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