The Game of Girl Scouting

Betsy Woodford

Instructions: Divide the girls into two teams and have a moderator read the questions. The team with the most correct answers wins!


Q: How does the color guard salute at the end of a flag ceremony?
A: Put hands over heart

Q: Show the Girl Scout quiet sign
A: Raise right hand

Q: How many Girl Scouts are in the U. S.?
A: 3 million

Q: What grades are Junior Girl Scouts?
A: 4th, 5th, and 6th grades

Q: What is a Court of Awards?
A: A ceremony where badges & insignia are given

Q: Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world belong to an organization, whose pin we wear. What is it?
A: World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Q: Where is Our Chalet?
A: Switzerland

Q: Show the Girl Scout handshake
A. Shake with left hand and raise right hand in Girl Scout sign

Q: Twist me and turn me and show me the elf. I look in the water and saw ... what?
A: Myself

Q: What is the Girl Scout slogan?
A: Do a good turn daily

Q: What is the Girl Scout motto?
A: Be prepared

Q: Where was Juliette Low born?
A: Savannah, Georgia

Q: What colors are in the Junior uniform?
A: green (teal) and white

Q: What is the last word in the "Star Spangled Banner?"
A: Brave

Q: What are the levels in Girl Scouts?
A: Daisys, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors

Q: Say the Girl Scout promise
A: On my honor I will try,
to serve God and my country
to help people at all times
and to live by the Girl Scout law

Q: Where is Our Cabana?
A: Mexico

Q: Whose nickname was Daisy?
A: Juliette Low

Q: What is the highest rank a girl can earn?
A: Gold Award

Q: Name three of the five worlds of Scouting
A: World of Well-Being, People, Today and Tomorrow, Arts, Out of Doors

Q: How can you be a sister to every Girl Scout?
A: Many answers- i.e. help other Girl Scouts

Q: What is the first word in the "Star Spangled Banner?"
A: Oh

Q: What color is the Daisy uniform?
A: Blue

Q: When is the Girl Scout birthday?
A: March 12, 1912

Q: When is Thinking Day?
A: February 22

Q: From whom did the Daisy Girl Scouts get their name?
A: Juliette Gordon Low's nickname

Q: From where do Brownies get their name?
A: From the story of the helpful Brownies

Q: What are Brownie badges called?
A: Try-its

Q: What does Thinking Day celebrate?
A: Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world.

Q: What does it mean to use resources wisely?
A: Not to waste supplies

Q: What are Cadette and Senior badges called?
A: Interest patches

Q: When is Juliette Low's birthday?
A: October 31

Q: Where is Olave Center? And what is it?
A: England, a World Center

Q: Where is Sangam? And what is it?
A: India, a World Center


Q: What colors do Brownies wear on their uniform?
A: blue and brown

Q: The saying for the out of doors is "Take only photos and leave only ... " what?
A: Footprints

Q: What are the three sizes of wood used to build a campfire?
A: Tinder, kindling, and fuel

Q: What happens at a fly-up ceremony?
A: Girls move from Brownies to Juniors

Q: What is an investiture ceremony for?
A: Welcome new girls into Scouting

Q: What grades are Cadettes in?
A: 6, 7, 8, and 9

Q: What Council do we belong to?
A: Mt. Wilson Vista Council

Q: What is a Scout's Own?
A: An inspirational girl-planned program to express feelings about something

Q: On the World Association pin, what does the blue and gold stand for?
A: Blue is for the sky and gold is for the sun

Q: On the Girl Scout pin, what does the trefoil stand for?
A: The three parts of the Girl Scout promise

Q: Who founded the Boy Scouts and inspired Juliette Low to found the Girl Scouts?
A: Robert Baden-Powell

Q: Name two ways to protect and preserve the world around you
A: Many answers