GUIDING, Brownie, Brownie Annual (British)

Joann Uecker
Totem Council

If you adult Girl Scouts want to read a great magazine, try GUIDING, printed in the UK. I found it by accident when visiting there in '95, immediately subscribed, and got my service unit and service center to subscribe also. Each month's issue is packed with pictures and stories of troops doing interesting things, articles about Guiders (leaders), articles about the international aspect of WAGGGS, and lots of ideas for your meetings for ALL age levels. My March issue is 63 pages.

I also found two other publications while there--one called "Brownie" which is printed on newsprint-type paper and is about 31 pages long. It has a Brownie comic strip, things for the girls to try at home like snacks and crafts, articles on Girl Guiding in another country, puzzles, games and songs.

And I picked up a copy of the "Brownie Annual," which was a hardbound book full of the same type of stuff as Brownie magazine. Here is the address for subscription:

Subscriptions, Financial Services Division
The Guide Association
17-19 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W OPT

Tel: 0171 834 6242

As of 1997 Overseas cost for GUIDING is 23.40 pounds and must be made by International Money Order, payable to The Guide Association. Overseas cost for BROWNIE is 18.96 pounds. They also publish a Trading Services Catalogue, though I don't know if there's a fee. It's like our own GS catalog from National, but of course everything has to do with Girl Guiding. Very Interesting.