Australia's Gumnut Guides

Please note: All youth members (5-18 yrs) of Guides Australia are called guides. There are no longer "Gumnut Guides". Some units still call themselves gumnut guides and the popover is still available for the younger girls to wear if their unit chooses that uniform option.

Barb Garber

Age: 6 - 7 1/2


Uniform: Any colour tabard

Motto: Care and Share

Badge:worn on the left side of tabard

Program:The girls are encouraged to develop their own program. They will sit in a circle with their leader/s and make suggestions about what they want to do next week. In a Gumnut Guide case it may be who is going to bring the newspaper for a craft, what do we need to wear when we go on our nature walk. This is part of the new strategy of the Australian Guide Program which is the recognition that all girls are capable of planning and implementing their own program.

A Game:Kangaroo Skippyroo

Children sit in a circle, one girl in the middle with eyes closed. Girls in circle clap and chant:

"Kangaroo Skippyroo
Dozing in the midday sun
Comes the hunter run, run, run
Guess whose caught you just for fun?"
On the last line one child from the circle creeps up to a girl in the centre and repeats, "Guess whose caught you just for fun?"

Then goes back to her place. The girl in the centre tries to name the owner of the voice then swaps places.