The History of the GuideZone

CyberRose GuideZone Committee

The Beginning

"I have this dream . . . it is the most enormous resource ever seen. It has every craft, recipe, hint, tip, joke and idea from [the Guiding list hosted by SKL] and WAGGGS-L archived. . . . My dream is just *huge* and it is the envy of the Guiding/Scouting community."

On May 5th 1997, at 3:36PM, Jen Alexander posted her original idea about The GuideZone. By 9:09PM that same day, Steve Linn had already volunteered his web server resources.

The Creation

May 27th 1997
The vote is on to name the new web site project. Suggested titles were:
1. The Guiding Link
2. The Cyber Guide
3. The Virtual Guide Guide
4. The Guide Zone ~~ pun on Guide's Own
5. For Fun and Information!
6. The Virtual Leader
7. TUGS  (The Ultimate Guiding Site)

June 2nd 1997
The GuideZone officially became 'The GuideZone', as suggested by Stephanie Martin (who also became a member of The GuideZone's growing team).

June 15th 1997
The GuideZone's URL ( was tested for the first time. The GuideZone had officially been born!

The Highlights

July 8th 1997
The first time that The GuideZone got more than 100 hits / day.

August 19th 1997
The first time The GuideZone's e-mail address was used.

August 24th 1997
The first time that The GuideZone got more than 500 hits / day.

September 13th 1997
The first time that The GuideZone got more than 1000 hits / day.

December 1997
The GuideZone joined the WAGGGS ring.

January 7th, 1998
100,000 hits ...
To quote from Jen Alexander, our resident stats enthusiast, in an email to The GuideZone team, "Wow, eh?  I can't believe that we ever got this popular!  100,000 hits in, essentially, our first six months.  So... will 1998 be a 300,000 hit year?  What a thought, eh?!?". Read on to see where our hits reached in 1998!

Early 1998
The GuideZone was awarded the three-fleur award of the Lord Baden-Powell Award for Scouting Excellence on the Worldwide Web. The Three Fleur Awards are the highest Awards generally granted by the Evaluation Team. We were so proud of ourselves ... this was our first award and we had been granted the highest award!!!

June 30th 1998
500, 000 hits ...

July 2nd 1998
The GuideZone was awarded the ScoutNet UK Web site of the Month for July 1998. We were the first web site to be awarded Web site of the Month by ScoutNet! Comments from ScoutNet UK included: "I was impressed by the wide range of content on the site - you haven't gone the way of many other sites and tried to hide poor content with flashy graphics - instead you have concentrated on an excellent range of content for your site. Well done!"

September 16th, 1998
5,000+ hits in one day - our busiest day yet!

September 28th, 1998
6,000+ hits in one day - The GuideZone has suddenly become *very* popular!

September 29th, 1998
7,000+ hits in one day, bringing our cumulative total up to three quarters of a million!

October 19th, 1998
8,000+ hits in one day ...

October 21st, 1998
9,000+ hits in one day - more than we received in our first month and a half in total!

October 31st, 1998
We broke through the 10,000 hits/day barrier with 10,161!

November 4th, 1998
One million hits (cumulative total)!!! Wow!!!

February 25th, 1999
1.5 million hits

June 3rd, 1999
Not one, but two surprise award notification e-mails from StudyWeb. Both The GuideZone as a whole and the songs section had been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as "one of the best educational resources for students and teachers on the web".

May 24th, 2000
After a somewhat quiet year (our team found they needed to catch up with the rest of their lives after all their hard work on The GuideZone!), we won another award. We were awarded one of Canadian Guiding's National Innovation Awards and were written up in an issue of Canadian Guider. This is the first time we have received any kind of recognition from outside the internet world, and our write up in Canadian Guider is probably the largest amount of exposure we have ever had. Go GuideZone Team!!!

January 2004
Sir Steve has GONE HOME last month and SKL is gone.

Spring 2004
The GuideZone Team has joined and become one of many committees of The GuideZone is getting a new look! Visitors are low right now as it's taking time for people to find us/update their links to our new home.

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