City Slicker Hayboxes

Sheryl Becker
25th Southland Lone Guides
Southland Lone Rangers

These hayboxes retain heat rather than cook and don t use hay which is great for city girls or those who get hayfever etc as I do.


a.. 1 cardboard box (Guide Biscuit boxes are good but must be big enough to fit your tin etc)
b.. 1 tin or billy (it must have a good tight lid)
c.. Tinfoil
d.. Newspaper
e.. Sellotape
f.. Masking or parcel tape

To Make

1.. Tape seal bottom of box.(This will help keep the heat in)
2.. Line the interior of the box with tinfoil all 6 sides - shiny side out
3.. Attach with Sellotape where needed.
4.. Cover the bottom of the box with 4-6 sheets of newspaper folded to size.
5.. Wrap the sides of tin with 4 -6 sheets of newspaper and join with Sellotape making sure it is loose enough to slide the tin out again. (You will need to remove the tin later to fill it with food)
6.. Place wrapped tin in middle of box and place "screwed up" newspaper sheets around the it as per diagram.

Preparing the food

1.. Cook your food.
2.. Remove the tin from the box.
3.. Heat the tin by placing hot water inside and leaving for a few minutes. Empty water and place food inside tin. For cold food place tin in freezer/fridge for 5 mins or use cold water in the same way as for hot food.
4.. Place lid on tightly and careful place back in box.
5.. Cover the top of the box with 4-6 sheets of newspaper folded to size.
6.. Fold over lid of box and seal with tape.

Ideas for Use

a.. Keeping porridge, spaghetti/bake beans, stews etc warm for seconds
b.. Transporting food for a meal at a special place
c.. Milo at campfire
d.. Give one to a parent or other leader to transport Ice Cream to you camp.
e.. Hide a cool drink in one somewhere on your widegame.

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