Heritage Ideas

Doris Cavallin
2nd Orleans Guides
Queenwood District, Ottawa Area

Ice cream is fun to make.

How about dipping candles? That is fun and doesn't have to take a million years. You can make small ones with string and paraffin and hang them on your camp hat with a pin in the middle.

Is there anyway that you could visit a heritage village? Or have someone come in dressed in heritage clothes.

Wait a sec. Folklore? Like Aesop's fables? How about posters? Their own stories, built up line by line? I'm not sure what folklore means I guess.

One definition of folklore is "the material that is handed on by tradition, either by word of mouth or by custom and practice." Therefore it ranges from folktales to lullabies to riddles to dances to games that our passed on from one person to the next to the next etc. It includes skills such as sewing passed on from mom to daughter, father teaching his son how to forecast weather by reading the moon or winds.

One idea that I had in my files that I had picked up from the list previously is the Dreamcatcher story and craft. I've never made one but I have the instructions. Is this too difficult for Brownies to make?

Other ideas the program committee for Summer Camp at Woolsey had were the corn husk dolls and making cranberry ink and a quill pen for them to write their own stories. But we have a full week to fill so if there are anymore ideas, please share them.