Cat Booklet

Lyn of Broken Hill

To liven up your plain old paper booklets

I drew a rough cat sitting up with its back to the left as that is where the straight edge of the internal pages went.
Cut the eyes sockets completely out

Make a rectangular tab of blue, green or yellow cardboard for the eyes, leaving a bit for a little tab to stick through the side of the head.
Draw 2 vertical pupils where the center of the eyes would go (bigger than the eye sockets) on the right hand side of the rectangle.

I glued a false head on the back around the edges only, leaving an opening for the eye tab to move in and out.

On the other head for the back, I cut a slit under the upper lip.
On red card, I did much the same thing as for the eyes, except this is a tongue shape, and I stuck a felt mouse shape up a bit so it was hidden. Only the tip of the tongue stuck out until the tab was pushed downwards from the back of the head, then the mouse came into view.

Fiddle a bit with inside tabs and glue, so the tongue or eyes don't push right in, or pull right out.

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