Marion Beswick-Arthur
1st Alberta Brownies

Do you ignore this part of an active meeting in your Lone Letters because you couldn't figure out how to do it?
Here's an idea for you to use either in your Lone Letter or perhaps enlarge it and send out a couple of large Campfire Letters during the year.
How ever you do campfires for your Lones, don't ignore it as it's a wonderful feature of our Guiding life that helps to make the spirit of Guiding a reality.

Great Ideas

For your Lone Letter you can cut up song books which include the music.
How about decorating the page(s) with a campfire making a little fire of match sticks with flames painted in or ask an active unit to send you some photos of them around a campfire?
Add a story, group game (one the Lone could play with her family perhaps), a saying from Lord B-P and close with a vesper and Taps.
Record a Campfire on video at a special event or camp.
Send a blank tape round robin style, enclose a campfire structure and ask each Lone to record one part of the campfire and then send the completed campfire around again for all to hear.

Visual Aids to accompany teaching tapes of songs

Key words: Print out a short song and cut up the individual word, replace key words with pictures and glue the whole song on to colored construction paper.

Pocket Songs: for rounds or short songs, by cutting strips of thin card as wide as your page about 1" wide. Glue the strips across the page ( the two sides and the bottom only) to make pockets. Print out the song in big fonts, triple spaced. Cut out the words leaving extra space at the bottom. Some words can be replaced with pictures. Slip the words into the pockets in the right order, making sure the words and pictures peek out over the top of the pockets. Challenge the Lone to remove the words & pictures, mix them up and replace them in the right order.

Magnetic Flip Cards: Print out songs with lots of verses. Cut up the verses and mac tack them. Glue a strip of magnetic tape to the top of the card and glue another strip on the back in the same place. Don't glue a strip to the front of the first verse or on the back of the last verse. Make sure all the cards will stick together like a deck of cards.

Flash Cards: Use up old playing cards - on one card glue a meaningful picture that illustrates the song and write the song's title on the picture. Glue individual verses on to more cards. Store them in a Zip lock bag.

Symbol Shaped Flash Cards: Draw symbol shapes according to the theme of the song - e.g.
1. Word Guiding Song use a world map graphic globe shaped with the words of the song superimposed over the top,
2. Guide Taps on a simple water tap shape, etc.

Teaching songs by tape Songs can be taught by tape quite easily, if they are broken down in to small bits. Teach in parrot fashion. Use key words "Listen To" and "Repeat with Me".e.g.
Listen to (sing the whole song through once)
Listen to (sing the first line)
Repeat with me (sing the first line again)
Listen to (sing the first line and the second line)
Repeat with me (sing the first line and the second)

Keep adding lines until you cover the whole song. If there are lots of verses do the first two verses line by line as above. The Lone should have the tune by now, so you can do the rest of verses in one go.

If you can't sing very well ask a music trainer to make tapes for you .

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