Mini Campfire

Heather Goacher
2nd Alberta Lone Guides
5th Alberta Lone Pathfinders

One of the memorable times in Guides is gathering around the campfire to share in the sisterhood of Guiding through songs, yells and skits. There are many ways to present campfires to Lones - on paper, cassette tape, etc - but they still don't have a "campfire" to sing around. Here is a campfire craft that I make and send to my Lones or send them the directions and have them make their own.


corrugated cardboard              scissors
pen                               yellow, orange or red crepe paper
glue gun                          tin snips or other cutting tool
pieces of twigs about the thickness of your baby finger. 


1. cut a 3 inch square piece of cardboard on the back write the Lone's name, unit, and year
2. cut 4 - 6 inch logs, 4 - 5 inch logs, and 2 4 inch logs
3. cut a piece of crepe paper about 1 1/2 inches wide thru all the folds and gently stretch it a bit

How to make:

1. Put a bead of glue down vertical sides of cardboard and position a 6 inch log on each.

2. Put a drop of glue on each log where the corner of the cardboard is and position a 6 inch log horizontally over top.

3. Put a drop of glue on each of the two top logs slightly inside of the first vertical logs are (there will be 2 drops of glue on each log) and place two 5 inch logs vertically on top

4. Lightly squish up the crepe paper and place inside the logs moving it around to reach as much as possible the edges of the cardboard and slightly rounded at the top

5. Repeat the steps of gluing moving each level of 2 logs closer to each other, alternating horizontal and vertical placements for the last 4 logs

6. Let dry and then send to your Lone in a box

I send them along with challenges, ceremonies etc. that go out in a box anyway to save postage.

Your Lone can now take out her very own 'campfire' to sing around when you send her campfires on paper, cassette tape etc.


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