Ceremonies on Paper

Heather Goacher
2nd Alberta Lone Guides
5th Alberta Lone Pathfinders
Sherwood Park, Alberta


Make a poster of your cermony and send it in a round robin from girl to girl. You could suggest that each Lone send a card appropriate to the ceremony (eg enrollment, advancement, etc) to the girl you're having the ceremony for.

Personal Ceremony for the Lone - by phone, in person by her Guider, an active Unit, or at home

Make up a ceremony that you could do in person with the Lone, she could do at home or take to a local Unit (I ask the Lone to get the Guider's permission and send me her address so I can mail the kit directly to her). Write up each part on a card, number them, write down any actions needed and mark who the part is for eg Guider, Lone, other girls in the Unit, etc.

At the ceremony the cards are handed out to those present (a Guider or parent does my part if I'm not present) - double up if necessary.

For enrollment ceremonies I also make up miniature props in camp swap size for the Lone to keep as a memento. Although I suggest that they make larger sized props for the actual ceremony the girls usually use the props - it must be hilarious to see a Unit gathered around the tiny props. I've also made up a felt carpet with the Unit name on it, a trefoil and two felt feet for them to stand on when saying her Promsie. I embroider the Lone's name on a small trefoil and glue it on the carpet. The carpet and ceremony is returned to me right after the ceremony and I refurbish it for the next. Every so often I have several girls ready to be enrolled around the same time and it's terrible trying to get it back and forth promptly by mail. Fortunately once they get it they have all felt that it was more than worth the wait.

For the Canada Cord . . I buy the Guiding autograph book, remove pages and send one to each girl in the Unit (not the Canada Cord girl) and our Advisor to decorate, sign and return to me. I then put the pages back in the book and send it with the ceremony.

To add to the ceremony you can make up certificates, enclose badges and a cassette tape with songs you include, etc.

I pack pins, badges, certificates, props, etc up along with a covering letter to the adult - parent, Guider - with an outline of the ceremony and what must be sent back.

I ask the Lone to write up the ceremony with photos for our Logbook.

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