Pasting & Cutting

The PackRats
Marion Beswick-Arthur & Heather Goacher


To make your pictures stay neatly glued down in your Lone Letters use rubber cement. There will be no messy excess glue on your page as you can rub it off after the glue dries.


Before you glue items make sure that you trim the edges neatly. Straight edges are best. If you don't have a paper cutter draw in guide lines with a ruler to cut along.

Advice from an Ontario Lone Commissioner in the mid 1950's: "Cutting with delicacy is achieved by slowly squeezing the scissors shut while swiveling the picture rather than shifting the angle of the scissors and keeping the paper still." Try it, it really works!

And last but not least, when using cut-outs make sure that you cut out all of the background.

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