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A picture is worth a thousand words!  Pictures pay a vital role in the Lones Letter. They can be used to illustrate, review, demonstrate, decorate, and clarify. Start your own picture collection Clip free pictures from newspapers, magazines, old books, calendars, travel folders, post cards, greeting cards, catalogs, and junk mail.

Be Prepared -  look for the pictures you need today but save those that catch your eye for future use. Ask your Lones to help you to find pictures. Or ask a regular Unit to do this as a service project. Supply them with a list of categories to give an idea of what you're looking for.

Storing the collection

Pictures can be kept in file folders stored in pockets made out of large cereal boxes, etc
Mark each folder clearly with its category for quick retrieval. Store files or pockets in cardboard boxes, crates, etc.

Choosing pictures

Pictures should be interesting, colorful, and relate to the subject matter. Select pictures with care, give thought to: Is the color clear? Is the subject accurate? Appropriate? Has the picture interest and action? Will it appeal to the age group? Does it leave a lasting impression? etc

Some ways to use pictures in you Lone Letters

1. On calendars paste small interesting or amusing pictures into the proper squares to publicize important dates.

2.  To review a subject, Lones can draw  lines from the picture to the matching word.

3.  Use large pictures to make puzzle type games.

4. Place small pictures instead of key word in text or stories.

5. Illustrate the page - eg borders from ads to highlight part or all of a page of text; set the mood for a page of reflections; etc

6. Use as a template - a great idea for food and nutrition:  Sometimes ads are delivered to the door by themselves or as inserts and they are kind of fancy. e.g. small boxes like the orange drink Sunny delight. Some look like a fridge or folded in a fancy way and opens in a different manner (this is really hard to describe) at any rate I keep these kind of ads cause they are a neat idea to present a game or information for a challenge. Use the ad presentation as a guide to make one e.g. an idea for the fridge shaped one is to carefully open one and use it as a template to make one out of light weight cardboard; then cover it with construction paper and draw on the outlines of the fridge using the ad one as a guide. Then decorate appropriately, Put many small pictures of food inside for them to choose from to make up (using the food groups) picnic basket, lunch box, meal, or menu.

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