Star Ceremony

2nd Alberta Lone Guides
5th Alberta Lone Pathfinders

Materials needed: scissors, lightweight cardboard, glitter glue, service star, glue, poem (example for Brownies below)

1. cut out large size star (about 6 - 7 inches)
2. outline edges of star in glitter glue - I used gold as our service stars are gold
3. Draw or use computer to make oval and print/type in fancy font : 6 year service star (change the year as needed) at the top of the oval
4. glue the oval in the centre of the star and pin the service star in the bottom of the oval
5. write/type the poem in fancy font and glue to the star - you may have to put half above the oval and half below.
Change the words to suit your branch and include a Unit theme with a word or two.

A Brownie lends a helping hand, To others all through Brownie land, Giving service with a smile, She goes that extra mile, She never asks for payment, she does it anyway, As making people happy, is all she wants for pay.

NB you can adapt/change the wording of the poem easily to suit your branch or unit theme.
6. Pop the star in an envelope and mail it to your Lone