Teddy Bear Engineer

Angela Lyon

(small scale pioneering projects)

A rope bridge over a paddling pool or a miniature aerial runway for the bears gives them the opportunity to bring a soft toy along, without feeling really immature!! They also learn something about knots and pioneering, which stands them in good stead for camp.

Other pioneering projects need gadget wood (that is green wood,), approx. 1 inch in diameter and about four feet long, and a supply of string and rope (washing line is good, provided it is not plastic, which stretches and slips)

For the young and in-experienced, a diagram of some sort which shows what they are trying to achieve can be very useful! This is a team activity for four to six girls - If there are less, they struggle to complete anything, and if there are more, they don't all have something to do.

Teddies can also make parachute jumps (from high buildings or high towers), be launched into space in a hot air balloon (requires tissue paper, glue, an open fire and nerves of steel!) and very small teddies can submerge in a submarine...............