The Beginning

The PackRats
Marion Beswick-Arthur & Heather Goacher
Alberta Lone Guiders

The original Lones were girls who used the book, "Scouting for Boys" on their own. Hundreds joined Scouting in Britain in the first years using their initial and last name (eg P. Smith for Patricia Smith) and no one was the wiser.  They then sent in materials to show that they had indeed passed the requirements for their tests.

Soon after the Guiding Movement was started, they too encountered girls sending in their materials for tests to headquarters. Soon Miss Nesta G Maude was asked to be Captain of the newly formed 1st Lone Guide Company. The captain kept in touch with the girls through monthly round-robin letters.

Finally in 1919 Lones officially became a Branch in England, excluding Scotland as they had their own branch of Lones. During the early years of Lones, girls in the same company could live very far apart. The 1st Lones had girls living in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cyprus, Poland and Belgium. Eventually Britain grouped the girls into Lone units in areas/counties that were closer together which caused no end of upset as girls had to change units. The girls in overseas countries where there were no British Guides organized joined the newly formed Wandering Lone Units.

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