History of US Encampments

Susan Dray
Greater Minneapolis GSC

The USA has a history of encampments:

1937 - International Encampment at Camp Andree (New York) with participants from 27 countries.
1938 - All-American camp at Camp Cloud Rim, Utah.
1939 - The Juliette Low encampment at Our Chalet.
1940 - The Juliette Low encampment at Camp Andree.
1941 - The Juliette Low encampment at Camp Bonnie Brae, Massachusetts.

World War II stopped them until...

1947 - The Juliette Low encampment at Camp Baree, Pennsylvania.
1949 - Western Hemisphere camp at Muskegon, Michigan.
1951 - International Encampment at Camp Wind Mountain, Washington (yes, that's Camp Arrowhead - kinda' - for all of you Columbia River folks).
1951 - Also an All-States camp in Cody, Wyoming.
1956 - First Senior Roundup in Michigan.
1959 - 2nd Senior Roundup near Colorado Springs with 10,000 people in attendance.
1960 - All-states encampment in Oregon.
1962 - 3rd Senior Roundup(with 10,000 people again) in Vermont.
1965 - 4th Senior Roundup at Farragut, Idaho.
1966 - All-States Encampment in North Carolina

Then it seems as if they all but died until the 1986 event.