How to Run a Better Leaders' Meeting

Bill Spofford, Cadette/Senior Troop 822 Leader, Commonwealth Girl Scout Council, COR, Boy Scout Troop 845, National Capital Area Council, Stafford, Virginia:

The meeting should be/have:

  1. A meeting that addresses the troop levels of the leader (rather than trying to be all things to all girls)!
  2. Time for socializing and/or personal questions/information.
  3. Meeting time that allows all (or most) to attend. Don't start at 6:00 if a large number get home from work at 6 or later.
  4. Time to share experiences.
  5. Training in various topics - either using Trainers or leaders who have experience.

The meeting shouldn't be/have:

  1. A meeting concerned with something I am not (e.g. brownies for a Cadette leader).
  2. So much structure that no one has the chance or feels uncomfortable asking questions.
  3. Expecting everyone to have read and remember everything that was passed out or said several meeting ago. Hard enough remembering what happened yesterday.
  4. Long reports of "who did what!" Just the facts!
  5. A meeting rescheduled but not notified to all members! (Remember, everyone doesn't get to every meeting and don't know if a "pick-up" took the place of the regular meeting (and why?).


Those of us that schedule meetings at work have to be more creative if we depend on attendance. (Your boss doesn't have to!)

Remember that everyone is a volunteer and needs to be kept informed as a valued member, not just another worker.

Cecilia Mohney, Brownie Troop 864, Garden Grove, California: What I like best about leader meetings is the chance to share ideas, problems and goals with other leaders (Sort of like this list). I get a lot out of seeing where other troops are going and what they are doing. We have had "Share Boards" where each troop lists places they go and what they enjoyed (or didn't) about the trip. We've also had "craft nights" where each troop brings in samples of what they have made recently, then we all steal ideas shamelessly. I also like when we have "level break-outs" when all the same-level troops get together and share ideas or "school break-out" when all the levels/troops that meet at a certain school get together.

What I like least is when the meeting is disorganized and the SUM apparently does not realize that our time is precious and that we need to make the most of it. I once came on time for a service unit team meeting, along with the other team members EXCEPT the SUM. She came in in time for the regular service unit meeting saying that she had decided that there wasn't any team items to discuss!! After leaving my sons baseball game early to get there - I was NOT happy!