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The following is a collection of true stories from the lives of Guiders and Girl Scout Leaders from around the world. Share them with your friends! Read one of them out at a meeting! Keep them in a handy place, so you can read them when you're feeling down! Humor is important in Guiding and Girl Scouting - it's what makes it FUN!!!

A Guide is honest and can be trusted

"Be Prepared"

Brownie Giggles

More Brownie Giggles

Camping Capers

Encourage each girl to reach her full individual potential

English Language Confusion

Giggle Patch Funnies

Guide / Junior Giggles

Leader Laughs

Muddled Moments



Outdoor Fun

Spark Giggles

Quick Giggles

... And a Sleeping Bag Story!

Overheard at Brownies

Jokes and Giggles from past Issues of GuideStuff

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