Ice Floe (or Snowshoes!)

Helen Archibald
Pointe Claire, Quebec

Ice Floe aka Snow Shoes.

The idea is to race across the floor without touching said floor. Each person (or team) is given 2 pieces of newspaper (or substitute -like the plastic placemats). You put one down, step on it, put the second one down, move to it, pick up the first one, move it up front, step onto it, move the second one in front of the first, step forward onto it, etc. thus progressing arosss the floor.

If you are playing in teams, all of the team has to get onto one ice floe so that the other ice floe can be moved ahead.... Does this make sense? So you have to be on an ice floe at all times, but you have to progress, so you need to move the ice floes ahead, one step at a time. With newspapers, rambunctious players are apt to tear the papers, so speed isn't the only factor.

Brownies can do this if it is explained/demonstrated. It is fun with Pathfinders.

Marie Mallay
Contact Guider
4th Marystown Brownies
Newfoundland Canada

We have also used this game and called it Leprechaun Leap, Heart Hop, etc. When we play it, we usually get the girls to work in pairs, as part of the team. One is the hopper and one moves the leprechaun, heart etc. all the way up and then switch roles on the way back. I hope I do not make this simple game sound confusing now.

We have played it with Brownies and Sparks and all enjoyed it.